MRC exceeded my expectations. Aside from being a safe and secure place, the MRC team are so friendly, warm and understand the struggle of students especially during assessment period. … The MRC team has successfully created an atmosphere in such a way the students/residents could feel home away from home. The social events, the free food/snacks/coffee/barbie were fun. Most importantly, the willingness of the team to have or initiate a conversation with the residents is really helpful….. it was a great experience. Thank you for creating a great environment for us

Jannifer Anacio

MRC was more than I expected . . . I was able to socialize with other residents. It was great sharing the same building with people from all over the world. . . MRC is not just a place you eat and sleep, it is more of a community. I liked that people, including both staff and the residents, cared about each other. People ask you what you study. People say good luck for the exams. I was very grateful for those community values. . . . Thank you for your support and help for the past three years. Without MRC and its people, the journey would have been much more challenging!

Youngjong Ko (Luke)

As an overseas student, transitioning to life alone can be quite a hassle. Even something as simple as nutrition or managing one’s health – mental and physical – is bound to cause significant stress. Choosing Morling helped me ease all of these factors out. I’ve received a lot of concern and support from the community at MRC, and having all my needs taken care of helped me focus all of my energies into my career. MRC isn’t just an accommodation provider, it became home away from home and I had the
opportunity to meet people from across the world. At the end of 2 years at this amazing place, I credit all my personal and professional growth to the meaningful relationships I have made here, and all the care I have received. I would recommend every overseas student to consider MRC – it is simply unmatched!

Simran Keshwani
Simran Keshwani

I have thoroughly enjoyed staying at MRC… I certainly know where I would be heading if an opportunity arose to study in Sydney again…If you are looking for a community environment to reside at whilst in Sydney studying, look no further than MRC!

Joe Vesikula

It has been fantastic living at Morling whilst I have been studying over the past five years. Living at Morling has been an affordable option for living in the Macquarie Park area, and is in close proximity to where I study.

Luca Croce