Meg MacCallum
Residential Services Officer

Meg works part-time at MRC and has a key role in the administration team. She is always ready to welcome residents with a big smile and is passionate about helping them to feel at home. Meg also works as a support worker in the community centre her church runs and looks after a dementia carers website. Meg grew up in the country and on the coast. She loves the Australian outdoors and the beautiful flora and fauna it holds. Give Meg a call at MRC if you’d like to chat with her about moving in!

Judith Wilkinson
Residential Services Officer

With over 20+ years experience working administratively with students in education, mission and church work, Judith aims to provide all residents and guests to MRC a warm and welcoming environment and experience.

Judith (aka Mama Jude) is married to Andrew, and together with their children have been an active presence in the MRC and Morling communities. Always willing to chat and answer questions about living at MRC or life in general.

Judith loves a good movie, coffee and road tripping.

Matthew Holt
Campus Chaplain

Matt joined the team in 2020, having moved across from Western Australia. He draws on a wide range of qualifications and experiences, having spent 12 years working as a Biomedical Engineer in commercial and hospital environments, a couple of years in retail, and about 9 years in pastoral church leadership.

Matt married Esther 19 years ago. And now with four children in tow, Matt and Esther share a passion for pastoral care, and have spent many, many hours between them, caring for and doing life with people of all ages, nationalities and faiths.

Most recently, Matt pastored a growing church in rural Western Australia, where he worked intensively for the healthy integration of the different cultures that called that church their home.

Here at Morling Residential College, Matt sees this place as a remarkable environment in which all kinds of growth and transformation occurs in the residents.  He feels excited and privileged to have the opportunity to form warm and caring relationships with residents as they encounter the challenges and opportunities of tertiary education.

Matt is a passionate musician, he loves to cook, roast coffee, run the espresso machine, build things with his tools, reading, writing, and hanging out with friends.

David Sullivan
Residential Dean

David held numerous leadership positions in the Charitable and Community sectors over the past 25 years, and prior to that, worked as a commercial radio producer. His specialisation is Communications with a focus on Community Relations, Marketing and Fundraising.

In recent years, after concluding as CEO of Coeliac Australia, David commenced studies in theology at Morling College. This time of career transition led him into a role as Residential Manager at MRC and then to his current role as Interim Dean of Residents.

David believes in collaborative and enabling leadership and the importance of encouraging and nurturing the interests, strengths and gifts of residents and team members alike.

“I love the cultural and social diversity of the MRC community and I think my work and life experience can add value and enable me to invest in a meaningful way in the lives of the extraordinary young people in our vibrant community.”

Amy Garis
Senior Residential Assistant

Amy has been the Senior Residential Assistant (SRA) at MRC for the last two years. The SRA cares for the Residential Assistant team, leads the fostering of community amongst residents and works with the wider staff team to ensure that the needs of the residents are cared for. She is passionate about seeing residents grow and community thrive. She works hard to ensure all feel a sense of belonging and purpose.

Amy has lived and worked in over 40 nations as a Christian Missionary working amongst vulnerable communities. She currently also works as a therapist.