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CLICK HERE to walk through MRC Level 6 – Visit one of our Common Rooms, and Room 605.

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CLICK HERE to walk through MRC Ground Floor Common Area.


Each apartment has ample room for sleeping (we understand students need as much sleep as they can get!). For the comfort of our residents, each room is equipped for the Australian heat with air-conditioning, a long-single bed, bookcase, and wardrobe.

Study Facilities

Each apartment is equipped with a large desk, study lamp and chair to assist the study needs of our student residents. A bookcase is also provided in the room for all those text-books we know our residents will be using.

Kitchenette and Ensuite

Most of the MRC student apartments are equipped with individual Kitchenettes and Ensuites.

The Kitchenette is equipped with a microwave, bar fridge, kettle, electric cook-top as well as a sink and a crockery set.

Each Ensuite has a shower, toilet and wash-basin for all our residents hygiene needs.

Note that toasters are not allowed for fire-safety reasons.

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7 Saunders Cl,
Macquarie Park, Sydney NSW 2113

Phone: (02) 8458 2320

Email: accommodation@morling.edu.au