Community Life


We would love to welcome you to Morling Residential College (MRC),  a residential community of students and staff from diverse backgrounds, and cultures.

At MRC we understand that living on-campus is a unique opportunity to develop friendships and experience both personal and relationship growth. Our proximity to Macquarie University, transport hubs (trains, buses and airport services) the Macquarie Centre (all shopping services and medical facilities) make our location ideal for students. We desire for MRC to be a home away from home for students whilst they are living here and we are committed to doing everything we can to help living at MRC be an enjoyable experience for all our residents.

Regardless of where in Sydney you may be studying, MRC invites you to be part of a learning, welcoming and supportive community of students and staff.

Fun and Games

MRC aims to not only be a community of students, but to be a place where life-long friendships are formed. A range of both planned and unplanned social, sporting, and other activities will be held throughout the semester.

MRC Staff and our Residential Advisers will be available for residents 24/7, with a focus on bringing the community together and ensuring every resident knows MRC is a place where they can belong.


At MRC we love our food! With a dining hall on campus providing delicious catered meals, we host various community gatherings around meal-time throughout Semester.

These include community BBQs, soirees, tapas, and a variety of other meals.

To find out more about regular meals available at MRC, view here.

Student Life

At MRC we understand that the life of a student can be stressful. We encourage our residential students to be a part of the creative process and give input into the different activities they would like to be involved in during their stay at MRC.

This may include things such as themed dinners, op-shop formals, dessert nights, frisbee games, the opportunities are endless.

MRC is a dry and drug/smoke free campus, alcohol and cigarettes are not permitted in the building.

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